‘Most professionals in India curious about new opportunities’

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Most professionals in India (91 per cent) like hearing about new opportunities and mostly higher compensation lures them into switching to new job, according to a LinkedIn report.

“Ninety-one per cent of Indian professionals are interested in hearing about job opportunities. This trend continues from last year wherein 90 per cent Indian professionals expressed that they are interested in hearing about new jobs,” LinkedIn’s report – ‘Inside the Mind of Today s Candidates’ has revealed.

This LinkedIn report analyses responses from a survey conducted among 539 respondents in India in April 2017.

The report also revealed that 46 per cent respondents feel flattered when they hear from recruiters.

It said, higher compensation (45 per cent) remained the top reason why people are likely to change their jobs, it added.

Additionally, it said, 37 per cent showed interest in knowing the salary range during the interview process.

Better skills and interest fit (40 per cent) and better growth opportunities (32 per cent) also featured as reasons that will make professionals switch jobs, it added.

The report found that 55 per cent of Indian professionals are motivated to pursue opportunities that match both their personal and professional interests.

Further, 52 per cent are interested in learning about the perks and benefits that come with the role and 45 per cent want to work for a company they have always admired.

While preparing for an interview, the report said, 49 per cent of candidates visit company websites, 47 per cent use search engines and 35 per cent use professional networks to learn about the company and its employees and the position being offered.

Social media is used by 63 per cent of professionals to follow companies and stay aware of jobs, it added.

It also said candidates want to have more dialogue with companies as 45 per cent of the professionals believed that a conversation with the organisation’s leadership team during the interview process led to a positive experience.

The respondents also showed a preference for a visit to the workplace for the interview (54 per cent) and conversations with the company’s present employees (41 per cent) to get a ‘feel’ of the company culture, it said.

“Personalised service in the way they are treated, insight into the company’s purpose and better value in the form of salary and career growth are important considerations when making a job switch. Employers need to ensure that they are authentic in building their employer brand and are amplifying their story on their social and digital channels,” LinkedIn India and South Asia Director Talent Solutions and Learning Solutions – Irfan Abdulla said.

It further said the top three reasons for professionals to continue working with a company were opportunities for challenge and upskill (62 per cent), good work-life balance (42 per cent) and an optimistic future for the company (37 per cent).


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