PMO ‘doesn’t know’ what Gujarat model stands for


An RTI reply asking the Prime Minister’s Office to define Gujarat model of development has drawn blank.

An Ahmedabad-based information activist had asked, “Please provide the information related to the definition of Gujarat Model Development by our honourable prime minister. Please also provide information on the Power Sector Reforms Transformational Initiatives taken by our honourable prime minister all over India as per Gujarat Model.

“Please also provide information on Women’s Empowerment Transformational Initiatives taken by our honourable prime minister as per Gujarat Model.”

The activist, who requested anonymity, had asked seven questions on projects PM Narendra Modi said were based on the much-publicised Gujarat model. He had cited various media reports and even quoted the PM Modi’s personal website to make his argument.

But the PMO, in its reply on 4 March, refused to provide any information on the RTI queries by simply ‘disposing off’ the application.

The reply also stated that the was Modi’s personal website.

The reply stated, ” The websites referred to are not official and are not maintained by the PMO.”

A visibly dejected activist told that the PMO reply had left him confused.

He said, “Our Prime Minister is never tired of shouting about the Gujarat model, but it’s always maintained secrecy over what he actually meant about it. The latest reply from the PMO is disappointing. Clearly, it appears, there’s no Gujarat model and there never was. It’s nothing but a ploy to fool people to garner votes.”

Modi had won historic mandate promising to replicate the success of Gujarat model on development across India. But since then, his critics have been ridiculing him by likening Gujarat model to everything negative, such as suppressing freedom of expression and inciting religious hatred among communities.

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