PM is threatening other parties who are raising their voice. He should behave like a PM: Mamata


West Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, on Monday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of threatening other parties, ‘who are raising their voice.’

She said that the ‘PM should behave like a PM.’

Mamata also mocked the glaring U-turns in the central government’s decisions on demonetisation since 8 November, when Modi had announced scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

She said, “Centre has ‘rolled back’ about 15 decisions since announcement on 8 Nov. More needed. This means they are confused. Catch the cheaters and black money hoarders but spare the common people. We have never seen a PM who threatens his political opponents. Prime Minister should be very sober.”

Targetting Mamata, Modi on Sunday had said that political leaders behind multi-crore chit fund scams are attacking him as they have been hit hard by demonetisation.

Addressing a ‘Parivartan rally’ here, Modi cautioned people holding Jan Dhan accounts not to allow themselves to be used for laundering the money of the rich by depositing their ill-gotten wealth as they could unnecessarily get into problems with law.

“I know what sort of people are raising their voice against me? Does the country not know whose money was invested in chit fund business? Lakhs and crores of poor people invested money in chit funds. But with the blessings of politicians, crores and crores of rupees have vanished.