PM attacks Mamata over demonetisation


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said political leaders behind multi-crore chit fund scams are attacking him as they have been hit hard by demonetisation, in remarks seen as sharp attack on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Photo courtesy: indian express

Photo courtesy: indian express
He also hit out at the Congress saying governments in the past 70 years kept quiet on blackmoney because they were worried about losing power.

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Congress advt 2

Addressing a ‘Parivartan rally’ here, Modi cautioned people holding Jan Dhan accounts not to allow themselves to be used for laundering the money of the rich by depositing their ill-gotten wealth as they could unnecessarily get into problems with law.

“I know what sort of people are raising their voice against me? Does the country not know whose money was invested in chit fund business? Lakhs and crores of poor people invested money in chit funds. But with the blessings of politicians, crores and crores of rupees have vanished.

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“Due to chit fund loss, hundreds of head of families were forced to commit suicide. Look at history and they are questioning me,” he said in barbs aimed apparently at Banerjee, who had been rallying political leaders against the demonetisation decision.

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However, the Prime Minister did not name any leaders.

Some Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders have been arraigned before courts in cases relating to chit fund scams in West Bengal. .


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