P Chidambaram salutes Kashmiri IAS topper Shah Faesal for resigning from service


Former Union Minister and veteran Congress leader, P Chidambaram, on Thursday hailed Kashmiri IAS topper Shah Faesal for resigning from the service in protest against the killings of civilians in the valley.

Shah Faesal

In a series of tweets, Chidambaram wrote that he saluted Faesal adding that every ‘word of his statement’ was true. He wrote, “Though sad, I salute Mr Shah Faesal IAS (now resigned). Every word of his statement is true and is an indictment of the BJP government. The world will take note of his cry of anguish and defiance.”

In his subsequent tweet, the former home minister wrote, “Not long ago Mr Rebeiro, the legendary police officer, said the same thing, but there was not a word of reassurance from the Rulers. Such statements from our fellow citizens must make us hang our heads in regret and shame.”

On Wednesday, Faesal, the IAS topper of 2009, had stunned everyone by resigning from the service. He had said that his decision was to ‘protest the unabated killings in Kashmir and absence of any credible political initiative from Union Government.’ He had added, “I have decided to resign from IAS. Kashmiri lives matter. I will be addressing a press-conference on Friday.”

Faesal’s longer statement, posted on Facebook, had read, “To protest against the unabated killings in Kashmir, and lack of any sincere reach-out from the Union Government; the marginalization and invisiblization of around 200 million Indian Muslims at the hands of Hindutva forces reducing them to second-class citizens; insidious attacks on the special identity of the J&K State and growing culture of intolerance and hate in the mainland India in the name of hypernationalism, I have decided to resign from Indian Administrative Service.”

Faesal said that he will hold a press conference on Friday to spell out his future plans, but people close to him say that the IAS topper may contest this year’s Lok Sabha elections.