While in Oman, PM Modi takes dig at Congress


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday slammed the previous Congress regime accusing them of corruption and misgovernance.

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Addressing a huge crowd of Indian diaspora at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Muscat, Oman’s capital, Modi said that India’s image had suffered due to a long list of scams in the previous regime.

“The country cannot progress in the 21st Century with a style of misgovernance. The long list of scams in the previous regime had harmed India’s image. We have worked hard to bring out the country from that phase of misgovernance,” Modi was quoted by PTI.

Modi also said that no one could accuse his government of corruption. His comments came at a time when the opposition Congress has been attacking his government of scam in the purchase of Rafale fighter jets with the French company Dassault Aviation. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had recently refused to divulge details on the pricing of Rafale jets prompting the Congress to launch a blistering attack against his government.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi was widely criticised by the BJP and media outlets sympathetic to the saffron party for criticising Modi during his visit to Bahrain that India was free but once again it was ‘under threat.’

Addressing a huge group of Indian diaspora in Bahrain, Gandhi had said, “Our main competitor, China produces 50,000 jobs every 24 hours. India currently produces 400 jobs in the same amount of time. It’s an important figure. So I will put it another way. What China does in two days takes India one year to do. These are not my figures. These are figures of the Govt of India.”

Modi told the audience how was invited as the ‘main guest’ at an event in UAE adding that he wanted to visit to Oman for a long. He also thanked the government of Oman for the invitation.