Rahul Gandhi’s jibe at PM Modi on job creation in Bahrain, says ‘what China does in two days takes India one year to do’


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday sharpened his attack on the Centre’s Narendra Modi government for its failure to create jobs despite that beings the prime minister’s key poll promise in 2014.

Rahul Gandhi

Gandhi told the NRI fraternity that India today was free but once again it was ‘under threat. There are two clear threats facing our country today, he said.

Addressing a huge group of Indian diaspora in Bahrain, Gandhi said, “Our main competitor, China produces 50,000 jobs every 24 hours. India currently produces 400 jobs in the same amount of time. It’s an important figure. So I will put it another way. What China does in two days takes India one year to do. These are not my figures. These are figures of the Govt of India.

“These are figures stated by a Minister in our Parliament. Job creation in India is at an 8 year low. New investments are the lowest they have been in 13 years; bank credit growth has sunk to a 63 year low.”

He told the audience that ‘there is a serious problem at home’ adding that the NRI community were ‘a part of the solution.’

“And that I am here to build a bridge between here, wherever you are in the world and home,” he said.

Gandhi also lamented that the government’s inability to provide ‘education and jobs to these youngsters is a recipe for disaster.’

He said, “The government’s failure to create jobs is resulting in tremendous anger and unrest in India. The youth are asking a very simple question. What are we to do in our future? This anger is visible in the streets and is rising rapidly. The tragedy is that instead of focusing the attention of our people on what is critical – the removal of poverty, job creation and the building of a world class education system – we see instead a rise in the forces of hatred and division.”

“Instead of accepting that we are struggling to create jobs, instead of uniting people together, all communities and religions to face the challenge, the government is busy
converting the fear being generated in our jobless youth into hatred between  communities.”

Gandhi said that instead of discussing jobs, healthcare or education, the conversation in India today was ‘about is what you are allowed to eat, who is allowed to protest, and what we can say or rather what we cannot say.’

“Activists and journalists are threatened; they are shot dead for expressing their views. People are killed because of their religious beliefs. Dalits are beaten into submission. Judges investigating sensitive cases die under mysterious circumstances. And through all this, the government has nothing to say,” he added.



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