Nitish Kumar’s deputy abuses protesting students on camera, video goes viral


One of the deputy chief ministers of Bihar, Renu Devi, has been caught abusing protesting students on camera. The video has since gone viral, evoking strong reactions from her critics.

In the video, Devi could be seen lashing out at protesting students in her home constituency of Bettiah by addressing them as haramzada (bastard). This was because students were demanding the transfer of their exam centre to Champaran.

Devi, who replaced Sushil Kumar Modi as a deputy chief minister of Bihar last year, lost her cool when her car was blocked by protesting students. She was heard saying in the video, “Your bastard leaders say that exam centres should be in Muzaffarpur when I say this should be in Motihari and Bettiah. So do it then.”

According to NDTV, Devi later said that she had always believed in using ‘decent language.’  “A video of my individual opinion against making Muzaffarnagar an exam centre for girls from Valmikinagar, Bagaha, is being circulated. I have always used decent language and will continue to maintain the decency of language in the future.,” she was quoted as saying.

Bihar has a coalition government of the JDU and the BJP with Nitish Kumar being its chief minister.