NHRC asks Delhi govt to improve existing health services first; erect 1000 clinics later


The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Wednesday issued a notice to Delhi government to first improve the condition of the existing healthcare infrastructure instead of proposing 1000 new ‘Aam Aadmi Clinics’.

The notice is returnable in four weeks, to the Principal Secretary, Department of Health, Government of NCT of Delhi and observes “the proposed plan to set up new clinics is a gradual process but has to be welcomed. At the same time, it is of paramount importance that the existing healthcare infrastructure in the city is made functional in all respects and put them to optimum use so that people of Delhi are provided basic healthcare facilities in their neighbourhood. This will also in a way, reduce the overcrowding in big hospitals of the city, since people can avail these primary health centres for their primary healthcare needs.”

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A statement released by the commission said that the notice was released after it cognisance of a media report, which showed that the AAP party was trying to open 1000 new Aam Aadmi clinics while neglecting the 228 existing primary health centres.

Citing reports, the commission also said that out of the new AAP clinics, 79 were operating from rented premises and ‘struggling’ to provide basic health services due to shortage of doctors, para medical staff, medicines and laboratory facilities.



  1. They have to create controversy on every step without hearing reason. AAP already explained these clinics setup to help existing infrastructure and to reduce overburdened centers located far away from poor localities.

  2. What has NHRC got to do with Delhi clinics? How many times have they spoken about lack of healthcare facilities in UP or Haryana? This is a political body. Shame on NHRC!!!


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