Muzaffarnagar tense after Muslim youth thrashed by ‘Bajrang Dal’ members


Shocking videos of brutalities against a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar have emerged on social media platforms.

Videos posted by a website show a Muslim man, called Riyaz, mercilessly being thrashed allegedly by the members of Bajrang Dal.

Riyaz, who’s seen bleeding profusely is being paraded by the group of angry youths, who are repeatedly heard shouting ‘gau hatya kar raha tha. yehi anjam hoga gau hatya karne walon ka (he was slaughtering cow. This is how we will deal with those who slaughter cows.)

Riyaz says he belongs to Shamli in Muzaffarnagar and was only sitting at the place, where the cow was allegedly being slaughtered. (see video)

In the third video police constables are seen arresting the victim while taking no actions against the members of Bajrang Dal.

Local civil groups have blamed the ruling Samajwadi Party and the BJP of once again creating communal tension in Muzaffarnagar.

Rajiv Yadav of a group called ‘Rihayi Manch’ was quoted by the website as saying, “The way a Muslim youth was paraded throughout the city and beaten for two hours while members of Bajrang Dal continued to hurl abuses on the Muslim community at large, it shows that both the SP and the BJP are hell bent on creating communal tension in the area. Far from arresting these thugs, the police has now locked up the victim Riyaz.”

In 2013, Muzaffarnagar had seen one of the worst communal riots in recent memory, killing more than 50 people and injuring hundred others. The area has continuously witnessed sporadic incidents of communal flare ups since then.

Shamli polce, when contacted, told that a high level meeting was on adding that ‘jaise hi meeting khatam hoti hai ham ham aapko bata denge (as soon as the meeting gets over, we will let you know.)

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