Mockery of COVID-19 social distancing: Row over Karnataka minister’s pool party with children; deletes photo after condemnation


Karnataka Minister Dr. Sudhakar K has triggered a huge controversy after sharing a photo of a pool party with his children. What also irked people was his insensitivity towards a global pandemic as he appeared to make fun of coronavirus outbreak. Faced with criticism, the minister, in-charge of Karnataka’s medical education ministry, was forced to delete his controversial tweet.

Karnataka Minister

Sharing the photo of his party, Sudhakar had written, “After a long time joined my children for swimming hope maintaining social distancing here also..haha (sic).”

Reacting to his tweet, veteran Congress leader DK Shivakumar wrote, “When the whole world is going through a health crisis, the Corona in-charge Minister Dr. Sudhakar is behaving irresponsibly by spending time in a swimming pool. It’s a matter of moral & ethical standards. He must resign out of his own accord & CM should sack him from the cabinet.”

Ironically, the minister in question is also a part of Karnataka’s coronavirus response team.

India has registered more than 9,000 positive cases of coronavirus and 324 fatalities with Karnataka being one of the worst-affected states. The southern Indian state has reported more than 300 cases of coronavirus with six people losing their lives to the deadly virus.

Sudhakar has not responded to the criticism except deleting his ill-fated tweet.

Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa has earned plenty of plaudits for his empathetic handling of the crisis at home. Amidst concerted efforts to communalise even a global pandemic, Yediyurappa had issued a stern warning to those who attempted to indulge in communalism by blaming Muslims for the spread of the virus.