Maggi noodles from India is safe for consumption: UK food regulator


India may have banned Maggi instant noodles, but the UK food regulator has declared that the product safe ruling out any possibility of it containing excess lead.

“The Food Safety Agency can confirm that results from testing samples of Maggi Noodles in the UK have all found that levels of lead in the product is well within EU permissible levels and would not be a concern to consumers,” the regulator said in statement.

The agency also said that it had tested Maggi noodles after India ordered manufacturer Nestle to withdraw worth over Rs 300 crore from stores.

There is a good news even from Australia and Singapore, where the instant noodles samples of Maggi noodles imported from India have been declared safe for consumption.

Earlier this week, the Bombay High Court permitted Nestle to continue exporting the instant noodles to countries including Canada and the UK. I

Nestle India had earlier said that it was considering destroying Maggi noodles after it was banned in India due to presence of high level of lead and taste enhancer monosodium glutamate.

In early June, Nestle India had decided to withdraw Maggi from the market after six states, including Delhi and Gujarat, imposed a ban on the instant noodles following a food scare ignited by reports of excess lead content in some packets of the snack.