Madhya Pradesh registered most number of rapes in 2014, more than 15 every day,


Madhya Pradesh recorded the most number of rapes in India in 2014, according to newly released data by the National Crime Records Bureau.

This is the third year in a row that Madhya Pradesh has achieved this dubious distinction. The data made available ( see below) by the NCRB said that more than 15 women were raped every day in the state ruled by BJP’s Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

While the number of reported incidents of rape was 5076 in MP, another BJP ruled state Rajasthan came second with 3759.

Uttar Pradesh, ruled by Samajwadi Party had third highest number of reported rapes (3467) while Maharashtra with 3438 was placed on fourth position.

With 15170, Madhya Pradesh was also the top in terms of recording the most number of sexual offences committed under the IPC, while Maharashtra was close behind with 15029.

Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan came third and fourth respectively. Bihar, which is scheduled to go for polls later this year and where the stakes have become quite high for political parties, was among those states, where the sex-related crimes against women were relatively less.

Among the Union Territories, Delhi registered the most number of rapes. Total number of rapes reported here was 2096 while the number of sexual offences committed under the IPS was 7849.

All sexual offences include rape, attempt to commit rape, assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty and insult to the modesty of women.

Delhi police has lately come under huge criticism for its approach towards dealing with the crimes against women. The latest revelation by NCRB will come as massive embarrassment for Delhi Police, which reports to Centre’s BJP government.

The opposition parties, will no doubt, target the BJP for the deteriorating condition of women in its ruled states. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recently given examples of MP, Rajasthan and Mahrashtra to flaunt how his party had brought about positive transformation there. He had promised to replicate the same in Bihar, if BJP won the next assembly elections here.