LG Jung allotted school land for BJP office, Delhi deputy CM expresses shock


In an extraordinary development, the Delhi deputy chief minister on Tuesday revealed that the capital’s lieutenant governor, Najeeb Jung, had arbitrarily allotted a school land for building BJP’s party office.

In a hard-hitting letter, Sisodia reminded Jung about the plight of school children in Delhi for lack of space with ‘150 students being forced to study in one class.’

He wrote, “I’m sad to know that you’ve allotted a piece of land meant for school to build the office of Bhartiya Janta Party. While we are desperately looking for every possible space in the capital to build new classrooms, you as the LG decided to take away the school land to gift it to a political party. I’m still wondering as to what benefits did you see for common people in this decision? ”

Sisodia also expressed shock over the speed with which Jung had expedited this matter.

He wrote, “It’s quite extraordinary to see the speed with which you’ve implemented this decision within few months. Delhi Development Authority has dozens of applications for allotment of land for school use pending for years. I don’t understand why allotting land for school use take years but it takes just few months to allot school land to a political party.”

Delhi’s LG reports to central government through the Union Home Ministry. The centre is currently being ruled by the BJP, which according to Sisodia, has been allotted the land by Jung for political use.

You can read the entire letter below.