Lawyer Prashant Bhushan faces criticism for tweet against COVID vaccination


Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan has courted controversy by suggesting that COVID vaccines may end up compromising people’s acquired natural immunity. Bhushan posted a series of tweets to also reveal that he had not got himself vaccinated.
Prashant Bhushan

Sharing a news report about a man, who said that his wife had died soon after getting vaccinated, Bhushan wrote, “A lot of people including friends & family have accused me of promoting Vaccine hesitancy, let me clarify my position. I am not anti Vaccine per se. But I believe it is irresponsible to promote universal vaccination of experimental&untested vaccines esp to young & Covid recovered.”

The news report was about a man, who said that he blamed himself for persuading his wife to get herself vaccinated. The man was quoted as saying, “No one from govt has come to visit us or order an enquiry into my wife’s death. I still curse myself for persuading my wife to take the vaccine.I thought it would save us from the virus, but it killed her.”

Bhushan wrote, “The healthy young have hardly any chance of serious effects or dying due to covid. They have a higher chance of dying due to vaccines. The covid recovered have much better natural immunity, than the vaccine gives them. Vaccines may even compromise their acquired natural immunity.” In his concluding tweet, the noted lawyer wrote, “For the record, I have not taken, nor do I intend to take any Covid Vaccine.”

Bhushan soon began to face criticism from netizens for allegedly promoting vaccine hesitancy. Coemdian-writer Varun Grover wrote, “Sir take 1 rupee and shut up with this nonsense unscientific view please. You are not just hurting India but the whole of humanity with this propaganda.” One Twitter user, Abhishek, asked, “I wonder. Will Indian Medical Association try to file FIR against Prashant Bhushan the way they tried against Ramdev?”