Kumar Vishwas issues warning to his party on danger of ‘neta’ worshipping


Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas on Sunday warned his party that it must desist from the culture of projecting an individual as the face of the movement.

He said that the most effective way to kill a movement was to convert it into a face. He said, “Friends please change your priorities. Country should be the first. Party should be at number 2 whilst the leader should be the last priority. For selfish people, leaders are always bigger priority than the country and parties.”

Speaking at the fifth anniversary of his party’s formation in Delhi’s Ramlila ground, Vishwas said, “I have not spoken for 7-8 months because the opportunity to speak was at the PAC (Political Affairs Committee) but there was no PAC. There was just one PAC to discuss the strategy for the President’s election. There was one National Council Meeting but my name was not there among the list of speakers.

He lamented that some AAP leaders who had made political fortune because of Anna Hazare were now speaking ill about him. He said that it was time to seek Hazare’s leadership once again.

Vishwas said that he thanked Delhi government particularly Manish Sisodia for revolution in the field of education adding that  must be applauded for running the administration with minimum resources.

The poet-politician also warned that the day a “Neta” becomes face of “andolan” the spirit of the movement will finish while asserting on “back to basics” philosophy.