Knicker-waalas from Nagpur can never ever decide future of Tamil Nadu: Rahul Gandhi launches brutal attack on BJP, RSS


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has launched his most brutal attack yet on the BJP and the RSS by addressing them disparagingly as knicker-waalas (men wearing shorts) from Nagpur. He told an audience in Tamil Nadu that knicker-waalas from Nagpur would never be allowed to decide the fate of the southern Indian state.

“We will not allow Narendra Modi to destroy the foundation of India,” Gandhi said, adding that the prime minister was blackmailing the AIADMK government in the state. The Congress MP added, “He (Modi) has got another confusion. He thinks that just because he can blackmail the government of Tamil Nadu, he can control the people of Tamil Nadu.”

Gandhi, who’s on a three-day visit of Tamil Nadu ahead of the crucial assembly polls scheduled for May this year, mocked the RSS by referring to those associated with the Hindutva organisation as knicker-waalas from Nagpur. He said, “He (Modi) does not understand. Only the Tamil people can decide the future of Tamil Nadu. Knicker-waalas from Nagpur can never ever decide the future of this state.”

No sooner did Gandhi address RSS functionaries as knicker-waalas from Nagpur, Twitterati reacted in praise of the Congress leader.

During his trip to Tamil Nadu, an entrepreneur had told Rahul Gandhi how he was the only voice for the business community as he demolished the so-called success story of the economy pushed by the Indian government.