“Justice needs to prevail”: From Ratan Tata to cartoonists, how Kerala’s pregnant elephant’s murder leaves Indians shocked and angry


The murder of Kerala’s pregnant pregnant elephant in Palakkad district has sent shockwaves across India evoking angry reactions from top celebrities including industrialist Ratan Tata and popular cartoonists. Many social media users also demanded stringent actions against those responsible for feeding explosives-laden pineapple to the elephant.

Ratan Tata
Cartoon by Satish Acharya

Ratan Tata wrote in an emotional post, “I am grieved and shocked to know that a group of people caused the death of an innocent, passive pregnant elephant by feeding the elephant with a pineapple filled with fire crackers.”

[“We bowed before her to say sorry”: Pregnant elephant fed pineapple filled with explosives in Kerala, dies standing in river]

Tata’s post, which he shared from his Twitter and Instagram pages, added, “Such criminal acts against innocent animals are no different than acts of meditated murder against other humans. Justice needs to prevail.”

India’s cricket captain Virat Kohli wrote, “Appalled to hear about what happened in Kerala. Let’s treat our animals with love and bring an end to these cowardly acts.”

The news of the pregnant elephant dying while standing inside the river with her head and trunk submerged in the water had stunned everyone with many questioning how one could be so cruel towards an animal. The elephant’s death also dominated the creative works of India’s top cartoonists.

One forest officer had brought the news of the elephant’s murder to light after he shared the photos of the animal with a long post. According to the forest officer, the doctor, who performed the post-mortem on the elephant, was in tears. It was the doctor, who had revealed that the elephant was pregnant. Krishnan said that the forest officials decided to accord her the last rites that she deserved.

The elephant was carried in a truck to the forest where she spent her childhood. The forest officer had concluded his post Malayalam by saying that he and his colleagues bowed before her to say sorry.

Meanwhile, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has vowed to take strict action against those responsible for the elephant’s murder.