Video- Union Tribal Affairs Minister Jual Oram’s PA carrying his boss’s shoes goes viral


Ministers, who are vested with legislative power, also have their social resposibbility of showing maturity in public life without becoming arrogant.

But the incident of Rayagarha of Odisha, where Union Tribal Affairs Minister Jual Oram’s staff was seen to be carrying his shoes on Monday morning has brought the minister in news for the wrong reason.

Minister Jual Oram was attending a party workers’ meeting of Koraput parliamentary constituency at Raigarha where party cadres and senior party leaders like Giridhari Gamang, Jayaram Pangi and Bhrugu Buxipatra were also present.

Before attending the meeting, the Minister went to a Shiva temple and took off his shoes there at the entrance and after offering the prayer he came to the meeting venue which was 100 meters away from the temple on bare foot.

But what happened thereafter was shocking. One of Oram’s Personal Assistants (PA) named Niranjan Behera was seen carrying carrying his shoes until the meeting venue. There his PA offered the shoes to the minister to put it on.

The visual and photo of the Union Minister’s PA carrying his shoes has been creating reactions in political circle in Odisha.