Jitendra Singh visits Nagaland, ensures working for peace & tranquility


Addressing the media at the Rhododendron Conference Hall in Chumukedima, near Dimapur today, Minister for the Development of North East Region (DoNER), Dr Jitendra Singh, said that the adverse political scenario in Nagaland, particularly due to the recent attacks by insurgents, will affect the state’s economic development and might spread to the other parts of the northeast.

Singh said that the central government was committed to establish and maintain peace and ‘tranquility’ in the state and emphasized that no force would be allowed to undermine that objective.

“Any incident or happening which tends to interfere with the peace and tranquility will have adverse effect on the economic development of state of Nagaland and also for the entire NE region,” he said.

He said that in order to achieve ‘maximum benefit’ was through having a “conductive atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

“Violence has a vicious circle and it cannot end without taking its toll. But, I can assure on behalf of the GOI that development will not be allowed to suffer on account of violence,” he said

“The GOI’s desire is for peace and for looking forward to an era of development where all groups of society live with amity and co existence, with the common objective of enabling this region to grow at par with the mainstream of other parts of the country,” he added.

The minister also interacted with many Naga civil societies during the visit and heard their pleas on several issues in the region. Singh was also joined by R N Ravi, the interlocutor for the Indo-Naga peace talks.