Internet suspended after communal clashes in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur ahead of Eid; Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot appeals for peace


Authorities in Rajasthan have suspended the internet services in Jodhpur after communal clashes ahead of the Eid celebrations. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has appealed for peace in the area.

Photo: tweeted by ANI

Gehlot tweeted, “Respecting the tradition of love and brotherhood of Jodhpur, Marwar, I make a touching appeal to all the parties to maintain peace and cooperate in creating law and order.”

Gehlot said that it was ‘unfortunate that tension has arisen due to the clash between two groups at Jalori Gate, Jodhpur’ adding that the ‘administration has been instructed to maintain peace and order at all costs.’

According to police, clashes erupted after a dispute over raising flags in the Jalori Gate in Jodhpur. Eid prayers were held in the area amidst heavy police protection.

Muslims across India are celebrating Eid today. Hindus too are celebrating the festival of Akshay Tritiya. Hindus in the area had put up religious flags in honour of Parshuram Jayanti as part of their Akshay Tritiya festival.

According to reports, clashes erupted over the raising of flags.

India has seen an alarming rise in communal tension in recent days. Not too long ago, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi’s Jehangirpuri witnessed communal clashes.