Indian army launches relief and rescue operations in flood hit parts of Ladakh


Majid Jahangir, Srinagar

The Indian Army has launched a large-scale rescue and relief operation in all flood affected areas of Ladakh in Kashmir to save precious lives, reads a statement issued by the army.

The Ladakh region witnessed flash-floods and unprecedented heavy rains coupled with mud and rock slides resulting in sudden increase in water levels in almost all water bodies recently.

Large stretches of roads got washed away thereby severing lines of communications and leaving a considerably high numbers of stranded. Vital bridges near Achinathang, Biamah and Khalsar were also washed away resulting in a number of villages being cut off. In addition, 250 tourists at Upshi and 150 tourists at Khalsar were stranded. There was large scale destruction of property in all flood ravaged areas too.

The Army units rescued a number of people through their prompt intervention which also included restoring lines of communication on priority.

“In doing so, Army engineers were pressed into service for road repair, construction of temporary bridges, culverts and clearance of debris,” army press release stated.

At Biamah village, a crucial bridge and 25-30 houses got washed away adding to the miseries of villagers. To alleviate the sufferings of the locals caused by shortages of food and supplies, Army established a relief camp in the affected villages to distribute food, medicines and other supplies. In addition, tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and blankets were also distributed among the displaced people.

23  British female trekkers, who were also stranded at mountains region of Ladakh, were rescued three days back  .