Hooligans’ from Haryana: Tourists face social media condemnation for driving Audi through Ladakh lake


A group of tourists from Haryana are facing widespread condemnation on social media after a video of them driving their Audi through Ladakh’s Pangong Lake went viral. They are being branded as ‘hooligans from Haryana’ because of their reported roots in Haryana.

In the viral video, three tourists could be seen driving their Audi through Pangong Tso lake e in Ladakh in the backdrop of an old Bollywood track. Alcohol bottles could be seen placed on a foldable picnic table.

No sooner did the video of these tourists emerge than netizens reacted angrily with many slamming them for destroying the ecology. Many were quick to establish their identity by concluding that they hailed from Haryana.

There are no reports of police taking any action against the men seen in the viral video.