Honour the commitment you made to soldiers: Nitish Kumar to PM


Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not fulfilling the commitment he had made to the soldiers on One Rank One Pension.

He tweeted,  “Disheartening to see the heroes who fought for us are forced to be on the streets fighting for their right. Narendra Modi ji, it’s time we stand up and deliver on the commitment made to our soldiers.”


Kumar, who will be seeking third office in later this year is currently engaged in a bitter war of words with Modi, who launched the campaign for Bihar election recently.

After attempting to embarrass the prime minister for his controversial DNA comments, the Bihar chief minister on Sunday accused him hypocrisy on casteism.

In an apparent dig at Modi, he said that in Gujarat Patel and Patidar castes were making demand for reservation.

He added, ” Those who are making casteism remarks should be asked if it did not prevail in their state? Tell me where there is no casteism in the Indian sub continent?””

The Bihar CM added that it had become a fashion to insult Biharis.

He said, “It means we can not even protest any insult on us. Anybody can come from outside and make any insulting comments and when we try to give reply to their approach, it is to ask us to shut up. Though it’s not a good thing, in India political formulation is based on caste system…its not justified to say that only Bihar is gripped with casteism.”