Don’t take Allah’s name, say Jai Shri Ram instead: Hindutva terrorists to Muslims traders


In yet another shocking incident of Hindutva terrorists traumatising Muslim victims, a group of right-wing goons have mercilessly thrashed a Muslim boy for allegedly possessing beef in Maharashtra.

The video of the incident has now gone viral on social media platforms.

In the video, which was reportedly shot in Maharashtra’s Malegaon district on 26 May, a group of Hindutva terrorists are seen mercilessly thrashing a young man for allegedly possessing beef, which can be seen lying on the floor.

The victim defends himself by clarifying that the meat on the floor is of buffalo, but to no avail. The attackers also get enraged on the victim pronouncing Allah’s name in desperation.

One terrorist is heard saying, “Say Jai Shri Ram, say Jai Shri Ram. Allah kaa naam nahi lene kaa (Don’t take Allah’s name.)”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ascendancy to power in Delhi three years ago has given a lot of confidence to the right-wing terrorists, who’ve targetted their Muslim and Dalit victims with impunity.

The notable among them was the murder of Mohammad Akhlaq, who was murdered by the relative and supporters of the BJP leader in Dadri on the rumours that he ate and possessed beef. The rumours had turned out to be untrue later.

Critics say that these attacks have the tacit approval of Modi since it helps further his agenda to consolidate the right-wing vote-bank.

The only time Modi broke his silence and even cried was when Dalits took to streets in Gujarat posing serious risk to the BJP’s electoral chances in the prime minister’s home state. This was after his supporters had publicly flogged a group of Dalit youths in Una for allegedly smuggling cow leather.

Pehlu Khan, a Muslim dairy farmer, was lynched to death by Hindutva terrorists in April this year. The incident had taken place in Rajastha, a state ruled by the BJP.

One Sadhvi, a leading voice of Hindutva terrorism in Rajasthan, had then equated the killers to freedom fighters including Bhagat Singh.

More recently, a boy was severely beaten by the Hindutva fanatics in Madhya Pradesh.

The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain district. Madhya Pradesh is governed by the BJP’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

In the video, a group of over a dozen right-wing terrorists can be seen kicking and beating a young boy with some forcing him to chant, ‘gai hamaari mata hai (cow is my mother).”