Hindutva terrorists brutally thrash boy in Shivraj Chouhan’s Madhya Pradesh


A video of Hindutva terrorists posing as cow vigilantes mercilessly thrashing a young boy in Madhya Pradesh has gone viral on social media platforms.

hindutva terrorists
Photo: ANI

The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain district. Madhya Pradesh is governed by the BJP’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

In the video, a group of over a dozen right-wing terrorists can be seen kicking and beating a young boy with some forcing him to chant, ‘gai hamaari mata hai (cow is my mother).”

Another attacker is heard shouting, “Will you dare slaughter a cow again?”

Most of the attackers have saffron stoles around their neck. Even more disturbing is how the attackers can also be seen filming their crime.

Police have reportedly arrested four people but it’s not clear whether they also intended to arrest the victim. In the previous cases of lynching, the police were nimble-footed in registering cases even against the victims.

Cops later sought to clarify that the incident was not liked to cow even though in the video the attackers kept forcing the victim to chant, ‘cow is our mother.’

One of the attackers, Chetan, who wore a pink t-shirt, told reporters that they had joined in beating the young man after hearing that he had chopped off the tail of a cow.

“A cow is like a mother to us, so we also started hitting him. Now they have registered a case against us,” he was quoted by NDTV.

This incident is part of many such acts of barbarism witnessed currently across India. The frequent occurrences of public lynching and brutalities has earned India global condemnation in the recent past.

Many analysts feel that with the emergence of the Hindutva terrorists, India could descend into an utter chaos if the government doesn’t take corrective measures immediately.

Not so long ago, right-wing terrorists had killed Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer, in another BJP-ruled state, Rajasthan.


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