Here’s why #ArrestSureshChavhanke is trending; Sudarshan TV owner’s alleged hate speech triggers controversy


Twitterati have exploded in anger demanding the arrest of Sudarshan TV owner Suresh Chavhanke for his hate speech aimed at Rajasthan’s Meena community. Activists have urged the Rajasthan government to immediately arrest Chavhanke under the SC/ST Act.

A letter from Rashtriya Lok Dal party to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot read, “Dear sir, I’m pained to inform you that Meena community belongs to Schedule Tribe in Rajasthan. Targeting them, Sudarshan TV owner Suresh Chavhanke said that ‘He will say Meena but it should be understood as kameena (son of a beitch)’… You are quested to act against hatemonger Suresh Chavhanke under the SC/ST act.”

The controversy was triggered by a viral video that showed a group of people bringing down a saffron flag, which was placed atop Amagarh fort in Jaipur. What angered the Hindutva brigade was the fact that independent MLA Ramkesh Meena was reportedly present when the saffron flag was brought down.

Meena was later quoted as saying that the Amagargh fort was a prominent monument of the Meena community, adding that some anti-social elements had made a desperate attempt to hoist the saffron flag here.

Chavhanke broadcast a full programmeon his TV channel targeting the Meena community. He said that those a Meena could not be ‘kameena’ while a ‘kameena’ could not be Meena.

His hate speech prompted netizens to demand his arrest with hashtag #ArrestSureshChavhanke becoming a top national trend.

Chvahanke is notorious for peddling fake news and promoting communalism through hsi routine Islamophobia. But, this time he’s landed himself in a spot of bother by abusing the Meena community.