Bulandshahr Police exposes fake news peddler Surdarshan TV’s Suresh Chavhanke for linking police officer’s murder by Hindutva mob to Ijtima


A group of violent right-wing Hindutva mob on Monday killed a police officer in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district. There are reports that the Hindutva mob killed the officer, identified as Subodh Kumar Singh, by firing at him. The shocking video of Singh’s dead body lying out of his official vehicle has gone viral on social media platforms.

Bulandshahr Police

Among those killed is also a protester, a member of the stone-pelting mob in Bulandshar. According to reports, the mob had attacked the local Syana police station.

However, pro-RSS Sudarshan TV’s Suresh Chavhanke, made a desperate attempt to link the Monday’s violence to the Muslim congregation (ijtima), which concluded today. According to local reports, more than 50 lakh Muslim devotees had gathered in Bulandshahr for a three-day congregation.

In a series of tweets, Chavhanke linked the violence to the peaceful congregation of Muslim devotees. In one tweet, he wrote that the violence had erupted local residents objected to the alleged slaughtering of cows in the congregation. He urged his followers to watch Sudarshan TV for updates on ‘lathicharge, burning, firing and deaths.’

His subsequent tweet read, “After the controversy over Bulandshahr Ijtima, many school children are stuck and crying. People are stuck in forests, frightened inside their homes. This is what local residents told Sudarshan TV in live conversations.”

No sooner had this known peddler of fake news post his tweet, Bulandshahr Police took to Twitter to expose the communal man masquerading as a journalist. The tweet by Bulandshahr Police read, “Please don’t spread fake news. This incident has no connection with the Ijtima. The World Ijtima concluded beautifully. The said incident took place around 40-50 kms away from the place, where Ijtima was organised. Appropriate actions are being taken against the perpetrators of today’s violence.”

Shockingly, despite being exposed by the Bulandshahr Police, Chauhan, who enjoys support from the BJP, has not deleted his communally charged tweets carrying fake news. He’s been arrested in the past for stirring communal tension and was accused of rape by a former woman employee.


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