Haryana IAS officer Ayush Sinha widely condemned for ‘criminal’ order to cops against protesting farmers


Haryana’s IAS officer Ayush Sinha is facing widespread condemnation for his ‘criminal’ order to cops asking them to smash protesting farmers’ heads.

“It’s simple. Whatever happens, no one can cross this (pointing to his side) area… Smash their heads. I am the duty magistrate and I’m giving you a written order. Use your vanes…Just pick up your lathi and hit them hard.”

He then asked the cops, “Any doubt? Will you hit them?” Cops replied in unison, “Yes sir.”

Before he left the venue, Sinha once again repeated his order saying, “Anyone who breaches this line must have their head smashed.”

The video of Sinha emerged immediately after visuals of farmers in blood-soacked clothes went viral. Sinha ordering cops to smash protesting unarmed farmers’ heads evoked angry reactions from everyone including BJP MP Varun Gandhi, who tweeted, “I hope this video is edited and the DM did not say this… Otherwise, this is unacceptable in democratic India to do to our own citizens.”

Congress leader from Haryana, Randeep Singh Surjewala, tweeted, “The conspiracy behind the murderous attack on farmers in Karnal by the CM-Dy CM duo is clear from this order by duty magistrate, who is ordering cops to smash farmers’ heads. The BJP-JJP are leading a government of General Dyer.”

Faced with condemnation, Sinha later told ANI that stone-pelting had started at many places, adding that ‘it was said during the briefing to use force proportionately.’

However, netizens have been demanding the court to take the note of Sinha’s criminal act and punish him severely.