Haryana chief minister ML Khattar is a big fan of Arvind Kejriwal’s Odd-Even scheme


BJP MP, Vijay Goel may have violated the Odd-Even scheme of Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, but not Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar, who seems to have been smitten by the scheme to reduce air pollution in the national capital.

Khattar, a BJP chief minister, acknowledged that the Delhi government’s intervention to curb air pollution has “had an effect.”

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He said, “I think the odd-even scheme has had an effect and that pollution and traffic congestion has reduced. There is also some criticism of the scheme that those who are not allowed to ply their cars on certain days will end up buying a second car or car-pool. Today, it took me 20 minutes to come here instead of the usual 30. So I have saved 10 minutes of time.”

Kejriwal government initiated the second phase of Odd-Even scheme in the capital on 15 April. The fortnight-long scheme has been launched both to reduce air pollution and ease traffic congestion.

The first phase of this initiative, taken in January, was widely hailed as a big success.

On being asked if he too would consider replicating the scheme in Haryana, Khattar said, “If there is a proposal, we will see. Right now, because of odd-even in Delhi, pressure in Gurgaon on the National Highway 8 is less. There is some traffic pressure at the toll barrier… problems at the Khirki Dhaula toll, but not elsewhere. In other places, we are working on improving traffic flow… IFFCO chowk, Signature Tower and Rajeev Chowk. Here we are building an under-bridge for better traffic. Traffic will be regulated once this is done.