Goa petrol pumps are fool-proof, says Pump Dealers’ Association


In the backdrop of the petrol fraud unearthed at Uttar Pradesh wherein remote-controlled electronic chips were being used in fuel dispensing machines to dupe consumers, pump dealers in Goa have claimed that their business is fool-proof and no such irregularities exist.

There is fool-proof mechanism is in place to avoid any such fraud at petrol stations. All the pumps in the state are modern and they are well protected from mischief, Paresh Joshi, President, All Goa Petrol Pump Dealers Association told PTI today.

The Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) had yesterday raided seven petrol pumps which were allegedly using a hi-tech chip-based device to dispense lower quantities of petrol to consumers than what they paid for.

“The petrol stations in Goa are safe from any such attempt due to various aspects including strict vigilance kept by oil companies and state government agencies, he said.

Joshi said that the petrol sale in Goa pumps is much lower compared to those in places like Delhi or Uttar Pradesh.

“Each petrol pump in Goa, on an average, sells 200-300 kilo litres of petrol every month as against 4,000-5,000 kilo litres sold by stations in Delhi or Uttar Pradesh,” he said.

He said the number of petrol pumps is less in Goa which makes it easier for the oil companies to keep a strict check during which their official visits every station (pump) at least once a month.

Joshi said all the petrol pumps in Goa are modernised to an extent that the petrol which is dispensed to the buyer is recorded on real time basis.

“The petrol salesman is given a watch to wear which has a chip that registers how much petrol he has sold on real time basis,” he said.

Goa has 132 petrol pumps spread across the state which caters to local population and tourists.