Ghaziabad hotel raids: 48 policemen shunted


Forty-eight policemen, including a deputy superintendent, have been transferred for dereliction of duty and indiscipline, a day after 50 couples were held from Bazariya area of the city for “immoral activities”.

DSP Inderpal Singh (Circle Officer, city 1st), chowki in charge and one other staff member of Bazariya market police have been shunted to police lines, senior officials said.

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Inspector Parashuram, SHO G T Road Ghanta Ghar Kotwali, and 44 constables have been shunted to police lines after an inquiry, which was constituted in the case, reported in negative, the SSP said.

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As many as 50 couples were arrested yesterday during police raids on hotels in Bazariya market on railway station road here. Police had claimed that arrested men and women were found in “objectionable situation”.

(With inputs from PTI)