Video of General Bakshi mocking Mahatama Gandhi, freedom fighters goes viral


Major General GD Bakshi has been a regular TV face on various channels’ debates more often on Times Now and its flagship show News Hour with Arnab Goswami.

Perceived to be a nationalist, as is often the case with most ex-servicemen, Bakshi has often been criticised for not criticising the Narendra Modi-led NDA government with the same vigour that he would the UPA government.

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Whilst, very few Indians would see any problem in being a patriot or nationalist, it’s often the fake nationalism propagated by the saffron party or its ideological mentor, the RSS, that rational citizens often seem to have problems with.

Gen Bakshi, as his detractors would argue, appears to represent that ideology, which propagates the so-called fake nationalism.
An ideology, which sees nothing wrong in forming an alliance with the PDP despite the latter’s pro-Afzal Guru stance, but is always nimble-footed in declaring JNU students traitors for the same reason.

Gen Bakshi also flies the flag for those right-wing brigade, which detects an element of sedition while praising Afzal Guru, but sees nothing wrong in Nathuram Godse’s act to assassinate the father of the nation, Mahatama Gandhi.

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Very touching and humane indeed on the part of Irani. Extraordinary gesture of support from the politicians to a veteran, who served to keep India’s borders safe all his life.

Many may wonder what the likes of Gen Satbir Singh would be making out of this ‘extraordinary gesture.’ The general has been spearheading the ex-servicemen’s movement for the implementation of One Rank One Pension, but he hasn’t quite succeeded in getting the audience with the Prime Minister or the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, two of Irani’s closest cabinet colleagues.

In fact, Gen Satbir Singh had told how Modi had betrayed the very trust of soldiers, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had ‘lied’ to the nation on OROP and Parrikar wasn’t somebody he could trust.

Coming back to Gen Bakshi, who broke down on a national TV after being overwhelmed by emotion of nationalism.

A video has now surfaced on social media, where the army veteran is seen mocking Mahatama Gandhi and other freedom fighters in a way even members of the Raj in pre-1947 India wouldn’t do so.

In this short clip, General Bakshi is heard saying, “You tell me what contribution did Mahatama Gandhi and Congress party make towards India’s freedom struggle?…. They say they faced lathi-charge (by English rulers), but even my buffalo gets thrashed by canes! (laughter breaks).. (gets agitated) If you have faced lathi-charge, then what will happen to bravehearts such as (Veer) Savarkar?”

The social media users are sharing this video to make a point that Gen Bakshi is allegedly a ‘closet’ RSS supporter.

This comes a day after Gen Bakshi wrote an emotive blog saying that ‘Only soldiers like us are stupid enough to become extreme nationalists.’

(Video courtesy: @GnomeBaba on twitter)