(BREAKING) Delhi Police used psychological pressure to force Kanhaiya to write appeal: Human Rights Commission


National Human Right Commission has dropped a bombshell accusing the Delhi Police of using psychological pressure against the arrested JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar to write an appeal on Thursday.

Quoting the NHRC report, news agency PTI said that the statement issued by police as an appeal on behalf of Kanhaiya was not written by him voluntarily but dictated by police.

The NHRC also alleged that Kumar was subjected to psychological pressure during interrogation adding that physical assault on Kumar in the court premises appeared to be organised and pre-planned.

“What happened in Patiala House complex on Wednesday was major security lapse on part of police. There was serious dereliction of duty. Going by sequence of events, safety and security of Kanhaiya and his family members is a serious cause of concern,” the NHRC report added.

This report will add to the current misery of the outgoing chief of Delhi Police, BS Bassi, who had first informed reporters about this appeal saying that he would recommend ‘giving him a second chance’ based on this appeal.


More to come.