Fortis hospital’s blood bank, pharmacy licences suspended in Gurgaon


Officials in Gurgaon in Haryana said on Saturday that the blood bank and pharmacy licences of Fortis hospital had been suspended over the death of seven-year-old Adya Singh due to dengue in September and for charging Rs 16 lakh for the child’s treatment.

The hospital has also been barred from selling drugs and medicines on its premises and offer blood bank services till further orders, reported IANS.

Authorities took the decision based on the findings of a four-member team that conducted an inquiry into the matter.

The hospital was issued notices seeking its justification for charging a whopping Rs 16 lakh. “The action was taken following unsatisfactory response by the hospital management,” an official said.

“Charges slapped on the hospital will be re-verified by higher authorities of both sections and the finding reports would be submitted. On the outcome of re-verified reports, the licensing department will decide whether the licences should be cancelled or not,” Gurugram Drug Controller Sandeep Gahlan told IANS.

Janta Ka Reporter had reported earlier this month how the Fortis hospital had pocketed a whopping 1700% profit on medicines from the grieving parents of 7-year-old Adya.

The list released by Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers had showed how Fortis hospital had charged Adya’s parents several hundred percent more than the procurement cost of the medicines and consumables.

National Pharmaceutical and Pricing Authority, which functions under Union Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers has said that it was releasing the information in public interest as the central government was committed to ‘transparency and accountability in governance.’

It said, “The NPPA shall be taking necessary follow up action as per existing law and within its jurisdiction.”

Fortis charged 1737% more than the procurement cost on ‘three way stop cock, BI valve, GS-3040, Romsons,’ while it pocketed a profit of 1271% on ‘I.V INFUSION SET NON-VENTED,RMS INFUSION SET,,SS-3062.’

The hospital charged 1208% more than the procurement cost on disposable syringes and 1201% profit on pressure monitoring line.

The news of Adya’s death at Gurgaon’s Fortis hospital had shocked the nation last month. What was even more shocking was how the hospital had decided to charge the parents Rs 18 lakh towards the treatment cost.

According to a friend of the family, the whopping bill of Rs 18 lakh included 2,700 gloves that were billed at Rs. 17,142. Other medical examinations such as blood tests cost Adya’s father Jayant additional Rs. 2.17 lakh. If this was not enough, Fortis also charged for 660 syringes.