Explosive audio of MP police’s barbarism and their plan to murder 8 undertrials


An explosive audio recording of Madhya Pradesh police personnel has made a chilling revelation on what could termed as their barbaric plans to murder eight SIMI undertrials at any cost.

The audio of cops’ conversation over their wireless devices was broadcast by CNN-News18 on Thursday night.

In the audio, the cops on the ground are heard receiving the order from ‘sahab’ to kill even the injured undertrials, who were unarmed and made no provocation for the police to resort to firing in self defence.

At one point, an officer, who’s heard congratulating his juniors for having killed five SIMI undertrials, orders them to kill even the remaining three injured saying ‘who will bear their medical expenses?’

The similar audio recordings were also broadcast on India Today, where the former Supreme Court judge Justice Makrandey Katju said that the men responsible should be hanged in accordance to the Supreme Court order.

He said, “There is no doubt that this was a fake encounter. In this country there’s a law. And you can’t brand anyone a terrorist unless he has been convicted by the court. We recently had an example of Muslim man, who spent 23 years in jail after Supreme Court said he was innocent. There are dozens and dozens of similar cases.”

Vishwas Sarang, a minister in Shivraj Chouhan’s government, maintained his repetitive lines that a probe must be ordered to ascertain the truth.