EXCLUSIVE: Will it cease to be a crime if the molestation victim has political connection, asks Jasleen Kaur


Delhi student, Jasleen Kaur, earned plenty of plaudits from public, Delhi Commission for Women chief, Swati Maliwal, Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi Police chief, BS Bassi. They all praised her ‘bravery’ in dealing with a man who allegedly attacked her modesty.

Her Facebook post went viral with it receiving more than 21000 likes and several hundred comments on Facebook within hours of being posted.

However, a day later, Sarbjeet’s(accused) mother alleged that Jasleen was abusing her connections with Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party to ‘punish’ her son.

While Jasleen said the accused had used abusive languages against her when she tried to remind him not to break traffic signal, Sarbjeet and his mother denied the charges.

We wanted to know whether indeed Jasleen had any AAP connection and also if there was any truth in the allegations of she abusing that contacts to harass Sarbjeet.

Speaking to our editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, Jasleen said she hadn’t been able to sleep ever since the incident happened.

Jasleen said, “People have cast aspersions on my character and equated with with the Rohtak sisters. What was my fault? As a responsible member of public I only reminded him about not breaking the traffic signal, which he appeared to do so. Was it a crime that he started hurling choicest of abuses at me. He even threatened me with serious consequences if I decided to go to the police. Is that how you talk to a woman?”

On Sarabjeet’s mother’s charges about her association with AAP, the 20-year-old student of St. Stephen College said, ” where’s the link here? We are discussing my allegations that a gentleman used abusive languages against me, threatened me and misbehaved with me. Will it cease to be a crime if the victim has connection with a political party? Delhi Police has announced a cash award of Rs 5000 for me.

“So, I’m now using my influence on Delhi police too, right? Other day, they said I had orchestrated this to get some publicity because I planned to contest DU elections. Can somebody tell those people that I study in St. Stephens College, which is not part of Delhi University?”

Jasleen said that she had approached the court of law and ‘let the judiciary decide who’s telling the truth’ adding that ‘the man (Sarabjeet) so innocent then why is he still threatening me on a Live TV?”

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