(EXCLUSIVE) Soldiers remind Modi about their sacrifice on OROP as video of Siachen jawan goes viral


Indian army on Monday miraculously found alive one army jawan six days after he along with nine others got buried under 25 feet of snow following the 3 February avalanche on the Siachen glacier.

Lance Naik Hanamanthappa is now being brought to Delhi as his condition continues to be critical.

Army Commander Northern Command Lt. Gen. D.S. Hooda said, “Lance Naik Hanamanthappa has been found alive. He is critical but all attempts are being made to evacuate him to RR hospital in the morning. We hope the miracle continues. Pray with us.”

Meanwhile, a video of desperate army men digging the mountains of snow on Siachen glacier to find their colleague alive has emerged. The video is fervently being shared on instant messaging platform WhatsApp.

Although there is no confirmation whether this is the video of the soldier pulled out from Siachen glacier yesterday or if it’s an old video.

The video, however, has stirred the emotions of both former and serving army officers, who have been demanding the immediate implementation of One Rank One Pension.

With the emergence of this incredibly emotive video, the soldiers have wasted no time in reminding the Narendra Modi government the sacrifice ‘our soldiers’ make ‘day in and day out’ to ensure the safety of India.

Here’s a glimpse to a conversation on WhatsApp soon after the video (above) was shared. We are protecting the identities of the individual officers.

AA‬: Very painful to.see.the soldiers digging the snow.

SA: Have seen some action but had bever been to high-altitude. This shook me up as well…looks like the team had been searching for a while from the conversation…and this young man in the video will probably have lost his legs (pray to God that isn’t the case). If this cannot shake up those in power, nothing will.

PAK‬: Cricketer  in India  sure does not deserve the respect, as much as the game. Absolute Robbers.

SA: All those who can…kindly retweet or send a tweet to PMO, RM, FM with the video. I understand those in uniform cannot but others can do. It is the least that we can do to voice the soldier’s concerns.
GG‬: God bless…
AP: Good thinking SA. No body’s asking for anything. The least we can ask for is people not to get up and say” well that’s his bloody job to be on the border or in snow. No one asked him to join the Armed Forces.”

AP‬: This is what i heard from some corporate ‘friends’ post Kargil, Unbelievable, But true!!

SA: I hope someone takes notice. You know OROP hasn’t still been met but the veterans are giving up…just interacted with my seniors from the unit and they said the Govt isn’t going to budge so the protests are simply going to fade away. Feel sad for the old, injured, discarded soldiers who will quietly fade away because they won’t be heard.

AS‬: Absolutely. And the sense of betrayed they must be feeling…After voting for this government on the promise of OROP!

SA: After giving their youth, life n soul for the country…they were put through this agony. Terrible!

SA: My ex-CO just told me that there is just no one listening and the veteran’s voices have been blocked completely. They protested outside the FM’s residence but he did not meet them. You will not see anything in the media.  He said he doesn’t foresee a good pay commission as well. The old man sounded defeated. Not right!

BS‬: Official statement by Lt Gen DS Hooda Army commander Northern Command.

In the ongoing rescue operation at Siachen, of the ten soldiers buried under ice Lance Naik Hanamanthappa has been found alive, all the other soldiers are regrettably no more with us.
The medical condition of Lance Naik Hanamanthappa is critical but all attempts are being made to evacuate him to RR hospital in the morning.
We hope the miracle continues. Pray with us.

SS‬: Seems to be from Karnataka.. Wishing him a speedy recovery.. One Fighter!!
SHG‬: Bravo soldier, keep going, our prayers are with you. Five more miracles, is all we ask for
DK: It’s coming on TV here udaya TV. ..He is from Dharwad, Karnataka, Praying for his speedy recovery
CR: Guys….would prefer to state that Sep Hanumanthappa is from the Indian Army and the Madras Regt before he is from any particular state…
AKS‬:  … He is Indian .. Was standing there for India not any particular state … Bravo
SHG: Koi Sikh koi jaat , maratha,
Koi Gurkha, koi madrasi,
Har Veer tha Bharat vaasi,
Woh khoon tha Hindustani !

SHG‬: But, Jo bhi ho, I can’t deny that I feel a glow of pride when I think that my clan, my community, my country cousin, a part of me is a hero, braving the cold, I feel closer !!!

BN‬:  you are feeling right. The pride of belonging to a community that sacrifices the most for the country!: Let’s the states compete to do more for the better of the country