(EXCLUSIVE) Kejriwal should keep frightening us and we will keep getting frightened: Azam Khan


Uttar Pradesh’s cabinet minister, Azam Khan, has ‘advised’ Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal to stop aspiring to contest the next assembly elections in the state.

Speaking exclusively to www.jantakareporter.com’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, at his office in Lucknow, the senior Samajwadi Party leader described Kejriwal ‘a good man’ adding that the latter needed to focus on taking control of Delhi police first before aspiring to go elsewhere.

He said, “He (Kejriwal) is a good man, but it will be good if he does not make the mistake of coming to Uttar Pradesh. He is the chief minister of the heart of India. He’s already been punished for going outside Delhi (during Lok Sabha polls). It will be good for him to establish himself where he is right now. He should try and strengthen his grip over the police. He should first get the statehood for Delhi then think of going outside the capital. Warna na khudaa hi mila naa visaale sanam. naa idhar ke rahe na udhar ke.”

Khan said that he supported Kejriwal’s demands for full statehood adding that the latter had done a good job in ‘exposing Delhi police.’

He added, ” Kejriwal should keep frightening us by reminding that he was coming to UP and we will keep getting frightened. His threats will prompt us to do good works for the people. ”

Khan also lashed out at Delhi police commissioner, BS Bassi, for conducting the raid on Kerala House in Delhi on suspicion that the cow’s meat was being served there. He accused the top cop of being an active BJP worker.

“Bassi is working at he behest of his political masters i.e. RSS and the BJP. He will retire soon and has already identified a Lok Sabha seat for himself.”

On the decision of the AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi to contest elections in Bihar, the UP minister said that his decision was an outcome of a ‘deal’ to help the BJP in Bihar. But he warned that Owaisi ‘must not make the mistake of doing the same in UP, which goes to polls in 2017.

He said, “Musalmano ke bachche ab kanche nahi khelte, gilli danda nahi khelte (Muslims are no longer illiterates and know how to distinguish between right and wrong.. They now play with computers just like you. They may not know who this person (Owaisi), will harm by coming to Uttar Pradesh, but we all saw that he helped the BJP in Maharashtra. He (Owaisi) knows that he’s not gone to Bihar for himself, but only to help the BJP. If he comes to UP, he will be making two mistakes. First he will help the BJP and second his decision will hurt the soul of his late father, who was a very honourable man.”

Khan termed it a ‘fallacy’ that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed his sadness on Dadri.

He said, “Neither was he (Modi) sad on Dadri before nor he is now. He’s never apologised for Gujarat riots. How can he do so for Dadri?”

You can watch the full interview with Azam Khan here