Ek Bihari sab pe bhaari: Nitish Kumar


As expected, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday launched a stinging attack on PM Narendra Modi after he announced a central package of whopping Rs. 1.25 lakh crore for the state in Arah.

Addressing a news conference, Nitish Kumar accused Modi of displaying contempt for Bihar and its people. He attacked the PM for his ‘beggar’ jibe adding that how could he be both arrogant and beggar both at the same time.

Key points from his press conference:

  • Ek Bihari sab pe bhaari
  • PM Modi announced special package as if it was an auction and he was bidding for Bihar
  • The PM asked the people to guess, 50,000 crore, 70,000 crore etc, he said. Are you in an auction? Are you bidding for Bihar?
  • I am sometimes very surprised and wonder as to from where does he get his facts?
  • The Prime Minister is full of contempt for Bihar and its people
  • Bihar ke har kshetra mein kaam hua hai,bijli ki sthithi mein kitna sudhaar hua hai ye janta jaanti hai
  • States which have been given special status, are all of them ‘Bimaru’?
  • For Bihar’s development, Bihar’s progress, I have no qualms in being a beggar.
  • He is the PM of the country. He talks of cooperative federalism. But works for something else.
  • He humiliates the state government. Tries to prove them incompetent. But his saying doesn’t change anything.
  • The PM says if the state is not BIMARU, then why are you asking for help? All the other states which have been given a special status for development, given funds are BIMARU?
  • Instead of encouraging a state that is progressing, you are humiliating it?