“Did Modi deliver his speech at G7?”: Subramanian Swamy asks for copy of PM’s speech in dig at ‘Andhbhakts and Gandhbhakts’


BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Monday asked if Prime Minister Narendra Modi indeed delivered a speech before leaders from the seven most powerful countries in the world. In a dig at blind Modi followers, Swamy asked if anyone had a copy of the prime minister’s speech.

Swamy wrote, “Wasn’t there publicity yesterday and this morning that Modi will address G7 meeting today. Has he? If so please send me his speech.”

In his subsequent tweet, Swamy slammed Modi followers, who he refers to as ‘Andhbhakts (blind followers) and Gandhbhakts (stinking followers)’, saying that they were frightened of his question.

“Andhbhakts and Gandhbhakts are so frightened by a simple question from me on Twitter that: Did Modi deliver his speech at G7 &whether anyone has a copy which I would like read. I find besides India, other invited were Australia, South Africa and South Korea who also spoke. Spin?”

When a Twitter asked if the claim of Modi delivering speech at the G7 summit through video link was fake, Swamy replied, “I just wanted to read what he had said and how he said it.”

In a press release, the government’s publicity department, the PIB, had said that Modi was invited to speak as a Lead Speaker in the session on Open Societies where the prime minister ‘recalled that democracy and freedom were a part of India’s civilizations ethos.’

“He shared the concern expressed by several Leaders that open societies are particularly vulnerable to disinformation and cyber-attacks, and stressed the need to ensure that cyberspace remains an avenue for advancing democratic values and not of subverting it. Hihglighting the non-democratic and unequal nature of global governance institutions, PM called for the reform of the multilateral system as the best signal of commitment to the cause of Open Societies. The leaders adopted the ‘Open Societies Statement’ at the end of the meeting,” the PIB said in a statement.

PM Modi too merely shared the link to the PIB press release and did not share any video link of his speech. He’s usually known to share the video clips of his key public speeches.