Dengue death: “What’s the use of investigation? We’ve lost a bright student,” say Avinash’s teachers


A month before he died, the 7-year-old Avinash had won a third prize in his school’s debate competition on the topic ‘My Family.’ Little did he know that his entire family would be wiped out a month later, thanks to a series of unfortunate events beyond their control.

His teachers and friends remember him fondly at Sahodaya School in Delhi’s Hauz Khas area. The authorities have decided to close the school on Tuesday in memory of one of their brightest pupils.

Remembering her time spent with Avinash, his class teacher Sister Prabha says, “He was loved by students and teachers, and actively participated in various competitions. He was an extrovert, always in the company of friends. He never complained about anything,” said Sister Prabha. “Mostly, he got cent per cent marks in class tests, and always submitted his homework on time. He had a bright future.”

Avinash was very good at drawing. In one of his homeworks, he had dawn a traffic signal (picture above) for which he had got full marks.

Avinash had succumbed to dengue after being denied admission in five hospitals. Hours after his death, his distraught parents too committed suicide by jumping off the terrace of a multi-storeyed building.

An investigation is on and the Delhi government has asked for explanation from all those hospitals, who allegedly refused admissions.

However, Avinash’s principal says it’s pointless. “An investigation has been announced, but what is the use now? We have lost a very bright student.”