Delhi man ‘stabbed to death’ in front of wife after he ‘asks’ for cold water


A 20-year-old man was allegedly stabbed to death in front of his wife by one of his friends, following a quarrel over serving cold water, in northwest Delhi’s Bharat Nagar on Thursday.

Photo: Times of India

The incident occurred on the intervening night of July 11 and 12, police said, adding that the victim, Sagar, was a resident of Jahangirpuri.

Sagar, accompanied by his wife, had gone to meet his friends at the JJ colony. Since it was hot, the victim asked the accused, Gaurav, to get him cold water, reported PTI.

This led to a fight between the accused and the victim, the police said, adding that Gaurav stabbed Sagar multiple times with a knife in front of his wife. While stabbing in his throat, Gaurav reportedly yelled in rage, “Yahin pyas lagi thi na? (Is this where you were thirsty?)”

The victim’s wife, Kirti, who lives separately, told Times of India that her husband had called around midnight asking she fancied going for a stroll. She said that her husband arrived in an auto to pick her up but they soon left the auto as the driver reportedly indulged in a fight with two pedestrians.

“We were not carrying water. While taking stroll near JJ Colony, Sagar felt thirsty. We didn’t have money and it was too late to ask anyone for water. Coincidentally, my husband saw his childhood friend Gaurav, who was carrying a bottle of water. Sagar asked Gaurav if he could have a sip, but he refused,” Kirti was quoted as saying.

She added, “Since both were childhood friends, Sagar called him stupid when Gaurav refused him water and kept walking.” Few minutes later, said Kirti, the alleged killer appeared from nowhere and began to attack Sagar in an utter rage. Sagar was later Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital where he was declared brought dead.

“The victim was holding a water bottle and the accused asked for a sip. The victim said he will drink first. The accused then held the victim by his neck,” DCP Khan said.

Cops later managed to track down the killer from Haryana border, who has reportedly confessed to killing Sagar in a fit of rage.