Delhi High Court requests for COVID beds for itself, Kejriwal government converts 100 rooms in 5-star Ashoka Hotel into COVID health facility


The Delhi’s Arvind Kejriwal government on Monday converted 100 rooms of the city’s 5-star Ashoka Hotel into Covid Health facility after the Delhi High Court requested beds for itself.

The order by the Delhi government read, “Now, therefore, I, Geeta Grover, Incident Commander/ SDM, SubDivision Chanakyapuri, in exercise of powers conferred under Act/Regulations mentioned above, and in overall imminent public interest, do hereby require the 100 rooms of Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi for setting up of Covid Health facility for the use of Hon’ble Justices and other judicial officers of Delhi High Court and their families and place at the disposal of Primus Hospital, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi with immediate effect with the following directions.”

According to the order, ‘the Primus Hospital shall run the CHC facility at Ashoka Hotel.’

Here are other salient points of the order;

  1. The biomedical waste disposal will be the responsibility of the Hospital.
  2. The staff of hotel shall be provided all protective gear and given basic adequate training.
  3. Ambulance for transfer facility will be provided by the Primus Hospital.
  4. For any shortage of hotel staff, the same will be provided by the Hospital.
  5. All the services including rooms, housekeeping, disinfection & food for the
    patients ete shall be provided by hotel.
  6. The charges shall be collected by hospital and the hospital shall make the
    payment to the hotel.
  7. The Primus Hospital may accommodate their doctors, nurses and other
    paramedical staff at their own expenses after deciding the rates mutually.
  8. Sh. Dinesh Kumar Meena, Executive Magistrate, New Delhi District is
    directed to coordinate with the Primus Hospital and the Hotel authorities for
    setting up of the facility.

The Delhi government also warned that ‘non-compliance of this order shall attract penal action as per Disaster Management Act, 2005 read in conjunction with Epidemic disease Act, 1897 and penal provisions of 188 of IPC.”