Delhi government moves High Court against Anti Corruption Branch’s chief Meena


Delhi government on Tuesday moved High Court against requesting action against the ACB chief MK Meena for violating the court’s order by removing an officer from the anti- corruption body.

The petition filed by the Aaam Aadmi Party-led government is expected to come up for hearing in the Delhi High Court on Wednesday.

The state government’s petition said that Meena had “willfully violated” the court’s June 29, 2015, order, which asked the Lieutenant Governor-appointed ACB chief to act in accordance with the law.

On June 29, the high court had refused to entertin the Delhi government’s plea to restrain Meena from working as the ACB’s chief. Soon after the HC judgement came in, Meena had ordered the transfer of inspector Vinay Malik as Station House Officer of the ACB replacing him with inspector Brij Mohan.

Now the Delhi government’s plea also want the court to initiate contempt proceedings against Mohan arguing he was working on the direct instructions from Meena. The government has also sought contempt proceedings against Mr Mohan, saying he was acting under direct instruction and orders of Mr Meena.

News agency PTI quoted the government’s standing counsel, Raman Duggal as saying, “Summon the respondents (Mr Meena and Mr Mohan) and punish them for having committed contempt of court under the provision of the Contempt of Court Act.”

The government’s petition also accused Meena of  ensuring that no FIR was registered on the complaints forwarded to the ACB between June 8 and 17 and addressing the media “without having the authority to do so.”

The government’s plea also goes on to complain that Meena had allegedly scrapped the anti-graft helpline, which was started after it was approved by the council of ministers of the Delhi government.

Among other complainst against Meena are his decision to prevent “the receipt of the complaint sought to be submitted by SDM and the registration of an FIR thereupon by orchestrating the removal of the FIR book and the ‘Roznamcha’ from the precincts of the ACB which is a police station under…CrPC and is wholly illegal Act.”

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