Delhi government seeks clarifications from civic bodies on death data


The Delhi government today sought clarification from civic bodies in the wake of a few cases of deaths in 2016 being apparently attributed to polio and smallpox in a report.

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The city government had yesterday released the Registration of Births and Deaths in Delhi 2016 report.

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Reportedly, 11 cases of deaths were assigned to polio and two to smallpox.

“Attention of the Department of Economics and Statistics has been drawn towards some reports in a section of the media,” the Delhi government said in a statement.

Data for the report pertaining to births and deaths registrations were provided by five local bodies — East Delhi Municipal Corporation, North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, New Delhi Municipal Council and Delhi Cantonment Board, it said.

“Clarifications/confirmation have been sought from the local bodies concerned about these reportings,” the statement said.

“The Directorate has prepared the report according to secondary data provided by the local body concerned. After getting clarifications/confirmation form the local bodies, the discrepancies, if any, will be rectified accordingly,” it added.

In institutional cases (where deaths occurred in hospitals/nursing homes etc.), the cause of deaths is being assigned and certified by the medical practitioner/doctor who has last attended the deceased, the city government said.

This data is further transmitted to the concerned local body online for registration of the death event.


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