COVID-19 deaths rise to 480 in India; Maharashtra worst-hit state with 201 fatalities followed by Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Gujarat

Photo: Foreign Policy

COVID-19 deaths have risen to 480 in India with Maharashtra being the worst-hit state with 201 fatalities. It’s followed by Madhya Pradesh with 69 deaths, Delhi 42 and Gujarat 41. According to the health ministry data, there are currently 11906 active coronavirus cases in India, while 1991 have recovered.

COVID-19 deaths
Photo: Foreign Policy

Telangana has re4ported 18 deaths, Tamil Nadu 15, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh 14 each, Punjab and Karnataka 13 each and Rajasthan 11. 10 people have so far died after testing positive for coronavirus in West Bengal, while Jammu and Kashmir has registered five deaths.

India is currently going through a prolonged nationwide lockdown. Prime Minister Narendra had earlier announced a 21-day lockdown but extended it till 3 May with a promise to announce some relaxations with effect from 20 April. Notable among them are courier services, print and electronic media, e-commerce companies, cold storage and warehouses and shops for truck repairs and dhabas on highways.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said the current crisis was also an opportunity for Indians scientists, engineers and data experts to ‘to work on innovative solutions needed during the crisis.’ He tweeted, “The #Covid19 pandemic is a huge challenge but it is also an opportunity. We need to mobilise our huge pool of scientists, engineers & data experts to work on innovative solutions needed during the crisis.”

Globally, the coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 1.5 lakh people.