Controversy after ex-IAS officer accuses Yogi Adityanath of abusing ANI representative; BJP supporters say viral video is edited as ANI retracts ‘earlier sound byte’


A huge controversy has erupted on social media after an ex-IAS officer shared a video of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath accusing him of abusing the cameraman working for news agency ANI. No sooner did the video of Adityanath allegedly abusing the ANI representative in question go viral, BJP supporters moved with lightning speed to defend the UP chief minister by declaring the viral video edited.

In the video shared by the ex-IAS officer Surya Pratap Singh, Adityanath could be seen sharing his reaction on the COVID-19 vaccines as he thanked scientists. However, as he says ‘I welcome the country’s scientists,’ some disturbances are noticed. This prompts Adityanath to allegedly abuse the ANI cameraman.

The video has now been seen by nearly three lakh people on Twitter alone. ANI soon issued a clarification saying that it had ‘retracted’ the earlier video of the UP CM.

Supporters of Adityanath have demanded action against the ex-IAS officer for defaming the UP CM. But, unaffected by threats of legal action, Singh has dared ANI to release the original video in its entirety. Meanwhile, the topic has begun to dominate social media conversations.