Top Canada university withdraws permission to Tarek Fatah’s event


A top Canadian university in Toronto has withdrawn its permission to Tarek Fatah’s event, scheduled for 10 August.

Fatah, widely believed to be an ISI agent, was to deliver a keynote speech at Ryerson University in Toronto as part of the Canada India Foundation (CIF) Speaker Series, reported Hindustan Times.

However, the CIF was recently infiormed by the university that the venue was no longer available for the event/

CIF’s executive director Vipul Jani said, “This is about a speech by a well-known Canadian figure. If we’re not allowed to organise such a speech, that does not speak very well about freedom of expression or about the environment on Canadian campuses which should encourage free speech and free debate.”

Fatah has become a posterboy for the RSS and other Islamophobic organisations in India for his hate speeches against Muslims and Islam. He was born in Pakistan, then chose to flee the country to Saudi Arabia, where he enjoyed the Islamic republic’s hospitality for nearly decade until he was forced to take refuge in Canada. Since then, he’s been spewing venom against the Saudi Kingdom.

Janta Ka Reporter had exclusively broadcast old videos of Fatah calling for India’s disintegration. In one video, he was seen asking India to go to hell. Fatah is known for resorting to hurling abuses at physical violence against anyone who questions his real motive behind his hate speeches in India.

The Toronto Sun quoted Johanna VanderMaas, spokesperson for the university as saying, “Unfortunately, Ryerson was unable to accommodate the Canada-India Foundation’s room booking request for August 10; we have expressed our apologies to Mr. Jani and CIF. The university is not aware of any concerns or plans to disrupt Mr Fatah’s keynote address.”

Fatah writes his regular column for The Toronto Sun. Canada is currently governed by a liberal prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

The organisers have now decided to move the event to some other venue.