First asking for India’s break-up, Tarek Fatah now says ‘India can go to hell’


A new video of the RSS’ poster boy Tarek Fatah saying ‘India can go to hell’ has now gone viral on social media platform.

In the video, Fatah, who was allegedly forced to leave Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for his controversial views about both countries, is being interviewed by an anchor in Urdu.

Tarek Fatah

The anchor reminds him how India had recognised Pakistan with Balochistan as the latter’s integral territory. To which, Fatah reacted angrily saying, “I don’t care about India. India can go to hell.”

The emergence of this video comes months after Janta Ka Reporter reported how Fatah, very popular among right-wing Hindus in India, had once wished India to disintegrate into pieces.

ebsite had carried an undated video of much younger Fatah, calling for the dissolution of India into multiple nations.

Fatah in that video had claimed that the best thing for India would be dissolution of India into multiple nations.

Here is what he says;

“You see it (India) was never one country, even during the British. British India is not not once .. India has never been one entity even under Ashoka, even under Aurangzeb, it has never been a country. The future that I see, if I had my dreams come true, are about the sub-continent being something like Europe where the entities that exist are Bengal, places like Punjab shouldn’t be single entities, shouldn’t have borders but should have common currencies, but we are different countries, I don’t disagree. There is more in common between someone between say Lahore and Delhi than there is someone between Delhi and Madras.”

When pointedly asked if he actually believed that it was better for India to break up, he said that, according to his political analysis, it would be the best thing that would happen to India.


  1. If he said, “I don’t care about India. India can go to hell.” well, that was for a good reason too. India had at that time said that Baluchistan is an integral part of Pakistan. That’s an old story, now that there is a change of guard here.

    Eknaath Nagarkar

  2. United States of India – a truly federal setup would be the ideal. Martyrs Ramprasad Bismil (Kakori Case) and Bhagat Singh believed in this ideal and fought for it.


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